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The BBK is affiliated with various organizations and works together with fellow organizations to ensure that the professional practice of visual artists can improve. The BBK maintains contacts with members of the House of Representatives, other politicians and policymakers at various levels, in order to contribute to a good vision of the visual arts and artistry, and to make known the concrete situation of autonomously working visual artists.


The members' meeting determines the policy; it is implemented by the board and the national office.

Do you have questions about the policy of the BBK? Mail us at bbk[at]bbknet.nl


Kunsten '92

Kunsten ’92 is the interest group for the entire cultural and creative sector, with more than 400 members from all disciplines: from the arts to new media, design, museums and monuments, and from makers to organisations. With a collective voice, they strengthen the social and political climate for culture in the Netherlands.



Beeldende Kunst Nederland (BKNL) is an informal consultation of organizations that stand up for the importance of visual artists, museums, presentation institutions and galleries in the Netherlands. The various BKNL partners are working together to promote stronger support for the visual arts. In that context, BKNL arranges, among other things, tailor-made working visits from politicians to artists and art institutions.

Federatie Beeldrechten

Copyright organization Pictoright, together with BBK, BNO, Professional Organization for Artists (BOK), DuPho, Kunstenbond and NVJ-NVF, has founded in 2021 the Federation Image Rights. With this new partnership they want to strengthen the exploitation of image rights for and by the makers involved and improve their position.

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Creatieve Coalitie

Forty-five organisations, professional and interest groups, of all workers - creators, independent professionals and employees have joined forces and founded the Creative Coalition.

The Creative Coalition makes a concrete contribution to improving the socio-economic working conditions of workers.

By joining forces and more mutual cooperation and knowledge exchange, we can better represent the voice of makers (including independent professionals) and all other workers and improve their position in such a way that everyone notices it in their professional practice and wallet. Together you are stronger.


Stichting Leenrecht

If copyrighted works (e.g. books, music, films or art) are made available through lending, rightholders such as writers, translators, illustrators, musicians, directors and publishers should receive fair compensation. The right to this compensation is called lending right.

Stichting Leenrecht has been appointed by the Minister to collect this statutory fee.

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IAA Worldwide and IAA Europe

Since 2009, the BBK has been a member of the IAA (International Association of Art), the largest independent network of visual artists in the world. Within the IAA, the BBK is affiliated with the IAA Europe.

The International Association of Art (IAA) Europe is a network of approximately 40 national member organizations within Europe, representing professional visual artists.

It is one of the five cultural regions (Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe) of the International Association of Art (IAA), the largest international non-governmental association of visual artists , with more than 100 member organizations worldwide. The IAA supports international collaboration and artistic exchange, free from any aesthetic, political or other bias and aims to improve the economic and social position of artists on a national and international level.


Fenneke Voorsluis

Bureaucoördinator/ Federatie Beeldrechten (Value Gap)/ BKNL

Jonna van 't Hof

Juridisch adviseur/ Federatie Beeldrechten (bestuur/ AI)/ Stichting Continuïteit Beeldrecht/ BKNL

Paul Dikker

BBK-lid/ Stichting Leenrecht



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